Cíntia Mara

Brazilian. 27. Girl.

Love Being Erica, Grey's Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls, The Voice, Switched at Birth, Hart of Dixie, Friends, Modern Family, Chuck, Castle etc. I can't live without music. Also, love books, travel, beach, learning languages, chocolate, my computer, soccer, earrings and sarcasm.

I'm pretty sure that Bay Kennish and Alex Karev are versions of me, and that's why I love them. If you dislike them, you can't like me. And never try to convince me that my favorite characters are not real. They are.

If I'm upset, just talk about Jolex or Mondler and I'll smile like an idiot.
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"You’re not going to argue with me, are you?" Sierra asked.

"Not yet." Jordan smiled. "I’ll wait until something comes up that’s really worth arguing about."

Love finds you in Sunset Beach, Hawaií - Robin Jones Gunn