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I'm pretty sure that Bay Kennish and Alex Karev are versions of me. If you dislike them, you can't like me. And never try to convince me that my favorite characters are not real. They are.
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"How did you know you were both staying at the same place?"
“We didn’t,” Sierra said. “It was a God thing.”
Mariana’s expression didn’t change. She looked at them without blinking. “You say it all the time, Sierra, but this time I almost believe it.”
“Believe it,” Jordan and Sierra said in unison again. By Love Finds You in Sunset Beach, Hawaii - Robin Jones Gunn
Yes. It’s the good thing. You know who you are, and no one can convince you to think or do something different. You don’t gave in. It’s the right kind of stubbornness. You have the right kind of morals, too. And look how happy you are. […] I was so jealous when you came back to the house glowing after your bike ride this afternoon. You didn’t need a guy to make your day fun. You don’t need to get high. You just have this thing about you. By Love finds you in Sunset Beach, Hawaií - Robin Jones Gunn
Sierra felt as she walked along the beach that she had God’s full attention, in spite of the millions of children He kept an eye on day and night. It wasn’t as if she sensed Him giving her any advice or specific direction for the future. But she was okay with that. What she felt was that her dilemma mattered to Him, and eventually everything would work out. By Love finds you in Sunset Beach, Hawaií - Robin Jones Gunn

"Sierra, what are you doing?"

"Waiting to be rescued."

"There’s a guy up there with you."

"There is?" Sierra playfully looked around.

"What are you doing? How did you get up there? Who is this guy?"

"This is Jordan. Jordan, this is Mariana."

"Nice to meet you," Jordan said.

Mariana wasn’t polite in her response. She stood with her hands on her hips, staring up at them with her sunglasses on top of her head. “Jordan, whoever you are, and whoever you think you are, you need to know that this is no ordinary woman you lured to your penthouse.”

Sierra turned to Jordan. “Did you lure me?”

By Love finds you in Sunset Beach, Hawaií - Robin Jones Gunn

"You’re not going to argue with me, are you?" Sierra asked.

"Not yet." Jordan smiled. "I’ll wait until something comes up that’s really worth arguing about."

By Love finds you in Sunset Beach, Hawaií - Robin Jones Gunn